About ITOH

ITOH is a menswear company based in New Delhi.

The brand contemporises the spirit of vintage clothing by creating classic, refined silhouettes using the finest materials and techniques. 

It strives to challenge the limits of ordinary perception about handwoven textiles by making them a bit more than just purposeful. Exclusively handwoven for the brand, the fabrics are used to create highly distinctive patterns, in a way that lends a rich, modern identity to the garment rather than taking away from it.

ITOH uses exclusively-made handwoven fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton Silk, Linen and Wool, other than fine handpicked autoloom fabrics like Ramie, Wool, Cotton etc. Its collaboration with the weavers and artisans, that goes back to more than a decade, means emphasising on socio economics, morality as well as aesthetics.